A word from your Board of Directors

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we welcome you all ! Now that the Association’s future is assured, we wish to thank you for your continued support.

The importance of support and self-help groups

Support and self-help groups offer members and their families the opportunity to meet people who are in a similar situation to theirs. These meetings allow participants to share their concerns, concerns and questions. It is also a place where tips, tricks and strategies for understanding and overcoming difficulties are exchanged.

New membership form

Two new offers are available when renewing your membership. You can now renew your membership for two years, affering you a small discount. In order to recognize the participation and to encourage the involvement of a spouse in the life of the person with Sjögren’s, we offer a half-price membership for the spouse.

Receive the newsletter by email

The Sjögren is a newsletter for all our members. For those who would like to switch to the digital version, we will add you to our electronic mailing list with pleasure. To do this, simply send us an email to the following address: sjogrenquebec@gmail.com. Of course, for those who wish to receive the newsletter by mail, it will be sent to your civic address. Please do not forget to inform us of any change of address since a fee of $ 1.73 will be charged by Canada Post for each return of the newsletter.

Updating members list

During the month of January 2019, we wish to update the Association’s members list and contact information. At the same time, we would like to send you a short questionnaire to better understand your interests and needs, as well as your situation. Members of the Association will first attempt to communicate with you by telephone. If it proves impossible to join you in this way, we will proceed by post. A personalized letter will be sent to you with the data we have on our list. Whether accurate or not, we ask you to indicate it by return mail. A reply envelope will be included for your inconvenience.


Those interested in offering time and energy can do so for different tasks. Your responsibility as a volunteer will vary depending on your interest and the time you have available.

Testimonials, suggestions and comments

We invite you to share your questions, experiences, successes and challenges with other members.

Self-help group

You can now consult the meeting group schedule on the Association’s website: https://sjogrens.ca

Hope to meet you!

Danielle-Flore, Francine, Claudette, Adrienne, Danielle, Pierrette et Lise